Adam Wilber
Corporate-Fx Magician
Adam Wilber, Tradeshow Magician
When Adam was six years old, he showed his first magic trick to his father and, at that moment, he knew that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. That look of wonder and joy on his dad’s face triggered something in Adam that made him know, even at such a young age, that he was born to create, and perform, magic. Devoting not just his childhood, but his entire life, to the art of magic, Adam has become the GM of the most successful magic store of all time, and has gone on to create products, magic tricks, decks of playing cards, and illusions that are used by fellow magicians all over the world. What’s more, is that all of these can be seen live, when Adam comes to your event.

Don’t let Adam’s pioneering and creator image fool you; when Adam arrives at your tradeshow he is the epitome of high energy, fun, and class. He’s the perfect solution for your upcoming trade show; whether it’s a small 10x10 or an enormous super booth. Adam delivers fast-paced, highly interactive comedy magic that is guaranteed to keep your attendees rolling in the aisles and will be displaying cutting edge magic that has never been seen before. It’s this unique opportunity, to see magic performed by its creator, that has garnered Adam millions of views and spots on NBC, Good Morning America, Discovery Channel and SyFy, while also performing for companies such as Google, Hilton Hotels, NCIS, Intel and BMW.
This is entertainment for the people who have seen it all. When you're looking to entertain people from all walks of life. There is no better way to do so then a high quality magician & mentalist. Adam specializes in hard hitting magic and mind reading all done with a comedic undertone to make certain that your guests are laughing from start to finish.

Magician in tradeshow booth

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