Al Ulman
Corporate-Fx Magician
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"Al The Only"

Have you ever been to a trade show or sales meeting where a crowd of people is enthralled, watching, listening and hanging on to every word from an individual, eager to hear more, learn more and buy? If you haven’t, you’ve never seen Al The Only work.

Al Ulman, GP, is the consummate professional.  In his industry he wears many hats.  He’s been labeled magic’s GP. As a general practitioner Al’s known as an Amusionist, Infotainer, Speaker and magical funny guy. Add all that together and Corporate America calls him “Al The Only.”

It’s all about you; the company, your product and your image. Using techniques of motivational speaking, the art of persuasion and classy magical sleight-of-hand, Al creates a positive, memorable buzz for you in your trade show exhibit.

Since 1984 Al The Only has helped companies achieve their highest potential at trade shows in generating leads that later are converted into sales.
He’s an “Infotainer.” A very specialized, highly trained, public speaker who imparts your key information in an entertaining manner. Al The Only is a professional trade show presenter.  His experience as an entertainer makes him a dynamic speaker who knows how to incorporate your message with visual effects that makes your message sink in, be remembered and absorbed. 

This is a live special attraction.  Al The Only performs for your exhibit visitor entertaining them with slick sleight-of-hand and quick, clean wit and informs them of the benefits and features of your company, its products and services.  Al’s ability helps you satisfy present customers and simulates prospective buyers into inquiring action.

Being there is just the start, having Al The Only put the finishing touch on a success trade show for you.
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