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By: Scott Tokar, Corporate-Fx Magician and Founder

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Corporate-Fx favorite, Steve Cohen on the cover of MUM

Many of the Corporate-Fx clients have grown to love the exquisite magic of Steve Cohen, "The Millionaire's Magician". And every step of the way we have said that Steve is destined to become a star...

As part of our exclusive tradeshow magic group, Steve Cohen has performed in Amsterdam, Lisbon, and in througout the United States.for some of Corporate-Fx's best clients such as; Sun Microsystems, Agfa, Unisys, IBM/Tivoli, Viewlocity, Enterprise DB, Surf Control, as well as for ING Direct.

The Society of American Magician's "MUM" (Magic Unity and Might) Magazine, November 2011

Over the past few years, Steve has been busy performing in his HIT New York show "Chamber Magic" at the Waldorf Astoria as well as appearing on Television shows such as Martha Stewart and "Late Night" with David Letterman.

And now, on January 12th, 2012, Steve Cohen will be performing his NEW one man show "Theater of Wonder" at New York's famous Carnegie Hall!

The entire tradeshow magic group at Corporate-Fx is indeed proud of Steve and his accomplishments over the years... Hang on to your seats, because Steve Cohen is now officially a "Star"!

Steve Cohen's Corporate-Fx tradeshow magic bio can be found at:

Drawing a crowd for Idera.

Just a quick post to share these wonderful Tradeshow Magic photos of the Microsoft Sharepoint tradeshow in Anaheim...

"How can you explain your company's value proposition if nobody stops to hear it in the first place". - Scott Tokar, MIMC

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Attracting the RIGHT crowd! Exhibitor 2012 Seminar

Join Scott Tokar of Corporate-Fx and discover engagement strategies that attract, retain, and qualify a target audience.

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Booth Basics Bootcamp @ Exhibitor 2012

What is the difference between total success and epic fail in a trade show? Join Scott Tokar of Corporate-Fx at the 2012 Exhibitor Show in Las Vegas to find out.

It's the "Booth Basics Bootcamp" seminar! See this video for more information!

Two *NEW* classes at the Exhibitor Show 2012


The Corporate-Fx CEO, Scott Tokar will be presenting two NEW classes at the 2012 Exhibitor Tradeshow in Las Vegas: March 4th-7th, 2012.

Class #1 is titled: "Gathering the RIGHT crowd - Engagement strategies that attract, retain and qualify a target audience."

And class #2 is titled: "Booth Basics Boot Camp. The rights/wrongs, ins/outs, successes/failures on the tradeshow floor."

To learn MORE about the Exhibitor show please visit

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That Visqueen up-charge and baggage fees.

What do tradeshow exhibiting and air-travel have in common? I think it’s the “Luggage fees”!

Recently, I had to fly from Orange County to Denver on United Airlines. Now, typically I fly on American Airlines and I’m a fairly high ranking frequent flyer with nearly 2 million actual miles of “status” on American, but I rank as a NOBODY on United. And that means, due to my lack of clout, I must PAY for EVERYTHING on United (baggage, priority boarding, more leg-room, AND my seat)

I was just about to get furious with the “system” until I realized, this is EXACTLY what the tradeshow industry has been doing for years. If you are an exhibitor you are now used to paying for booth space, electricity, internet, carpeting, carpet vacuuming, security, drayage, access storage, and THEN you pay an extra fee for additional exhibitor badges!

Why do the airlines AND the tradeshow industry do this, and why do YOU put up with it? Think about it, this piece-meal pricing scam is an insult to the customer! You don’t really have a choice, if you must fly to your destination, you most likely have to check a bag or two. The airlines already have statistical averages of the amount of cargo they will be flying on each route, it’s not a surprise to them, it’s not a special request that is out of the ordinary, nor is it an inconvenience to the airline. When I have to pay these “extras” it makes me feel less valuable to the airline.

Face it, it’s no surprise that you are going to need adequate security and carpet vacuuming at ANY tradeshow you exhibit in as well...

Tradeshow carpet in New York City.

I know what many of you are about to say: “Yes but, what about Southwest airlines? They don’t charge for bags, and the boarding process takes into account your status, ticket price, and time of check-in!” Agreed, I too get a positive feeling and WARM FUZZIES at the mere mention of the Southwest name... It’s their CUSTOMER SERVICE, unique business strategy, and a willingness to do things differently than the rest of the industry that sets Southwest apart from their competition.

Piece-meal pricing and “up-charges” devalues your customer, and your reputation reflects it!

Apple Computers, Chic-Fil-A, and Southwest Airlines are all extremely successful, profitable, and have great reputations, because they value their customers and show respect to everyone!

Now it’s my turn... I must observe the positive trends, identify the principles, and then apply them to MY industry. I want the Corporate-FX name to have the same positive identity within the tradeshow industry as Southwest has in theirs!

This is why Corporate-Fx implemented a SIMPLE, all-inclusive, “turn-key” pricing structure for every one of our quality tradeshow magicians! Rest assured that with Corporate-Fx you will NEVER pay an unexpected “up-charge”! Everything is included: Transportation, lodging, per-diems, scripting, research, production, performer, and even an audio system is part of our price! After all, YOU have enough to worry about... We value your business and our customer support should reflect it!

Now did you remember to order (and pay for) that Visqueen “up charge” to keep your carpet clean during the booth install at your next tradeshow?

Scott Tokar, Best Comedy Magician 2011!

Scott Tokar, magician and founder of the Corporate-Fx Tradeshow magic group wins "Best Comedy Magician" at the 2011 Strolling Olympics of The International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.).

Magician Scott Tokar performs for I.B.M. President, Rolando Santos,
and his guests during the 2011 "Strolling Olympics" competition.
Copyright (c) International Brotherhood of Magicians (

The I.B.M. is recognized as the world's largest magic organization, and 2011 marked the group's 83rd annual convention, held this year in Dallas, TX from June 29th through July 2nd. Over seven hundred magicians from 30+ countries gathered to compete, study, and share in the ancient art of prestidigitation, slight-of-hand and magical illusion.

Each year, the I.B.M. hosts several contests at the convention: The Gold Medal Stage competition, The Gold-Cups Close-up contest and The Strolling Olympics.

Previously (in 1988), Scott Tokar received the first place trophy in the Close-Up contest at the 60th Annual I.B.M. Convention held in Boston, MA.

Since then, traditional magic has undergone vast changes. With the rising popularity of magicians like David Blaine and Chris Angel, plus internet memes and the rise of YouTube, real world performance of "live" strolling and "Street Magic" has become one of the most popular forms of the magical arts today...

Street magic is all about "reality"... Real people, real magic and eye-popping miracles performed in the palms of the audience's hands. No camera tricks, no fancy lighting and none of it takes place in a traditional "controlled" theater environment...

The I.B.M. Strolling Olympics is a "popular-vote" competition for street magic, in which the audience becomes both the viewer and the judge. With only one hour to compete, and over fifteen groups to entertain, timing was as critical as the performance. Therefore, each contestant must amaze as many people as possible in the limited time allotted.

Slight-of-hand skill, audience interaction, entertainment and professionalism all add-up in the judging process... And this year, through popular vote of the I.B.M., Scott Tokar was awarded the title of "Best Comedy Magician" at the 2011 Strolling Olympics.

For more information about the I.B.M. please visit:

For more information on Scott Tokar, please visit:

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Corporate-Fx magician, Mark Phillips at Tektronix

Found on Twitter -

@JoelAtTek Mark Phillips from @CorporateFX amazed everybody @tektronix #IMS2011 - seriously great magic and top notch performer

It's wonderful when our customer tweets the success of our tradeshow magic for us! Thank you Joel Avrunin from Tektronix for the shout-out!

Can an exhibit hall be TOO busy?

One of the most common complaints on a tradeshow floor is a lack of attendees at certain hours...

At times, most conferences have key-note speakers or concurrent sessions that overlap the exhibiting hours. These seem to be the least productive hours for the booth staff at any show...

But, what if the tradeshow hall is TOO BUSY, (can that be possible)? Well, it just happened to our client at the Microsoft TechEd show in Atlanta last week.

That is me, Corporate-Fx magician Scott Tokar, in the "Idera" orange shirt surrounded by attendees...

On Monday morning, the TechEd exhibit hall opened at 10:30am and then closed again at 2pm for their key-note speech. Thousands of eager attendees streamed into the hall right on cue! To be honest with you, this was the busiest hall opening we had ever seen!

The problem? Not one of the attendees were willing to stop! Hundreds of prospects passed by each booth eyeing the best Tchotchkes, give-aways, and prizes! Everyone seemed to be focused on a strategic scouting mission to help them plan the next three day's worth of exhibit time!

For most exhibitors it was a complete lack of meaningful interactions for the first few hours on the show floor. It was a great reminder - it doesn't matter if the hall is too empty, or too busy, if you can't stop the crowd, you can't communicate your sales proposition.

The solution? Instead of our traditional ten to twelve minute "magic with a message" presentations, we performed single, rapid-fire magical effects to quickly stop a crowd and remind them that the Idera booth was the FUN place to stop later on during the show...

The result? After the 2pm key-note the exhibit hall reopened from 6pm to 9pm as a hosted cocktail reception... Once the attendees had some food and a beverage, where do you think they went for a little "entertainment"? To the Idera booth of course! And this time, everyone was glad to watch the full ten to twelve minute magical "infotainment" presentation that not only entertained the crowd, but also educated them on Idera's sales message and products!

With out a doubt, this was one of the most successful tradeshows Idera has participated in to-date! So, next time you see an empty aisle and think "it can't be any more difficult than THIS" remember, being too busy has it's draw-backs too!

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