Client Testimonials
Cisco: “I've hired Scott several times to draw people to the Cisco exhibit booth at education trade shows. He has always exceeded expectations, not only in the number of people that he attracts to the booth, but also in the way that he integrates product information into his performance. He is a consummate pro at what he does.” John Tuohy - Education Industry Marketing Manager

Cisco: “Scott has been the "secret weapon" at healthcare tradeshows for years and years now. I directly attribute a 30%-40% increase in booth traffic when we have Scott with us, versus when we don't. He's an expert in integrating our messaging into his routine. He keeps his routine fresh and interesting, and puts our customers into a great mood. Scott's professionalism -- and outstanding results -- is just about the only thing that I never have to worry about. I couldn't recommend Scott more highly!” Michael Haymaker - Healthcare Industry Manager

Tektronix: "My goal for the show was 200 badge scans. We exceeded that goal within the first four hours, and by the end of the show had scanned over 800 badges. Thanks to Scott, we have profoundly raised the bar in our marketing organization for awareness activities at trade shows." Nancy Boyd - Manager, Trade Shows and Events

Idera: I can't say enough good things about Scott! We hired him for a show last Fall in Seattle, our booth was PACKED the entire time. In fact, the show organizers took a photo of our booth with the huge crowd and posted it on their official "show website" to attract future exhibitors! He is entertaining, creative, witty, and will work his tail off for you!! 4 months later we had sales people telling us their customers were STILL bringing up how much they enjoyed Scott at the show. It was the talk of the conference apparently. In 12 years of event planning I have never had that reaction to a booth entertainer. We have hired Scott for two more huge shows this year - one of them is Microsoft Teched, and we are anticipating another great crowd each day as Scott works his magic! We love ya Scott! Thank you for your everything!!” Eleanor Young - Marketing Events Manager

Sun Microsystems: "The response was tremendous and more importantly I received "kudos" from management for suggesting such a great idea for the trade show booth. It was like "hitting a home run" the first time out, and being new to Sun, that was very important to me." -Matthew J. Foderaro, North American ISV Acct. Manager

Synplicity/Synopsys: “As someone who has been working with Scott since 1995 (at several different companies), I wholeheartedly recommend him and Corporate-FX for your tradeshow entertainment, awareness and lead generation needs. Scott is not only an exceptional magician; he is also one of the few tradeshow “entertainers” who truly understand tradeshows and how (and why) to get a company’s message across to the audience. Scott, of course is interested in what a company wants to say at a show, but he also takes the time to learn about the company, it’s technology, it’s products, it’s culture, and it’s employees. I work in a very technical environment (our audience and our employees are by their own admission “techno-nerds”) and more than once, I have been asked by event attendees as well as members of my own company, if Scott is an employee – they are shocked when I tell them he is not. It can sometimes be very difficult to convince upper management that it is worth spending more money on a tradeshow – but, in my case, after the first time our executive staff saw Scott (back in 2002), there was no question as to whether he would be back the next year. Our CEO’s mantra became “sign him up NOW!” We have even hired him to go to international events where his style translates very well. So, if you are looking for someone who can deliver your message and deliver measurable ROI for your next tradeshow, you need to call Corporate-FX and Scott Tokar.” - Nancy Weiss - Manager, Marketing Communications

Presidio Networked Solutions: "We had a poor spot as it related to our booth location. If it wasn't for Scott we would not have been a success" - Christopher Tanner - Director of Sales

Picker International: "Thank you for the terrific job you did for Picker at the Radiological Society of North America Show in Chicago. Though the RSNA put down some very stringent guidelines about "showmanship" you did an excellent job of offering a product message in every line, while entertaining the audience... You also mastered a very complex technological presentation and made it informative and memorable." Jay Davis, Manager - Marketing Services

American Express: "We have never had such a captive audience for our selling story at a trade show. By combining our American Express message with your magical performance, we had people really paying attention..." - Cindy Fierro, Industry Manager

Motorola, Inc.: "Your presence at our booth was the absolute hit of the week. Our booth was the most attended, the most coveted and — we, sold the most phones! You were and are superb." - Al Bartos, Sales Manager

TEAC America, Inc.: "We are still talking about the AAAA show in Charlotte! The show was a great success for TEAC and Corporate-FX was the major difference. The script preparation, product knowledge, and rapport with the military and civilian audience was evident to all. We look forward to working with Corporate-FX again in the near future." - Judith Barker, Trade Show Manager

Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors: "Thanks-a-million for the FANTASTIC support that the Corporate-FX team gave me in putting together our exhibit... From planning through performance, the Corporate-FX team was "top notch." - Scott A. Koch, Director, Contract Manufacturing

Daewoo Electronics: "As a result of your show, we accomplished our marketing goals while enjoying a pleasant and fun show. Furthermore, your wonderful performance provided us with large crowds which helped increase our sales leads at CES." - Jonathan Chong, Marketing Manager

Walsworth Publishing: "I want to take a moment to thank you, and everyone connected with Corporate-FX for the outstanding series of shows that you have performed for us. From the aisle-view presentations to the theater presentations, we could not be happier. I also wanted to let you know that we are doing follow up on the leads received at the recent NASSP convention in San Diego. The number of qualified leads we received surpassed all past conventions, of any type." - Sam Lyndon, Director of Sales Promotion

First Data Resources: "Your exciting magic show, coupled with your ability to project information about our business, brought crowds of people to our area, generated interest in the company, and enabled our sales people to make many terrific sales contacts." - Thomas H. Quinn, V.P., General Manager

Banyan Systems: "You weren’t kidding when you said you wanted to break our goal of 300 leads for the show - we were stunned when we walked out the first day with 308!! It was agreed that your delivery of our message and product offerings was more clear, persuasive, and memorable than many of our multi-media theater presentations utilized in our large corporate booth." - Jennifer Condren, Trade Show Manager

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