Harrison J. Carroll, A.I.M.C.
(English and Spanish)
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Harrison J. Carroll is a professional magician who specializes in providing the trade show exhibitor with a high-powered, attention-getting presentation to assure maximum impact for your products and services. From sleight-of-hand, to a variety of stage offerings like Lightning Speed Math Calculations, The Money Machine, and the Answer Man, all incorporating your sales message.

Harrison's goal is simple: To deliver powerful, informative presentations that captivate, excite, and motivate prospects. Each of Harrison's presentations reflects a positive professional image designed to not only entertain but stress key selling benefits of your product or service.

For almost two decades, Harrison Carroll has provided innovative presentations at hundreds of shows in dozens of industries from the Fortune 500 to start-up companies throughout North America and Europe. Harrison also speaks fluent Spanish which makes him ideal for the emerging Latin trade show market place. In short, Harrison's experience assures your company the kind of results you demand from your investment.

Day one: Your investment pays off from Harrison's very first show. No matter how light the traffic, he will gently coax the casual passer-by, and capture their attention.
Harrison is a master at reading people. He entertains the crowd and targets the name tags of key decision makers. Harrison's real secret is this: people like him. That's because he entertains them with his personal blend of precise sleight-of-hand and honest charm. When Harrison causes coins to appear, money to multiply, and cards to change their identities before your eyes - you're witnessing presentations honed to perfection by Harrison's personal touch... The magic touch... the touch that turns to SOLD!

In 2004, Harrison devoted his special "magical" abilities to reducing children's anxiety during doctor's visits through the "Side-Fx" magic project. Now, in addition to his trade show schedule, he can be found performing and speaking at medical conferences and meetings around the globe under the direct sponsorship of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.
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