Jon Petz
Corporate-Fx Magician
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Combine 1 part sales executive, 1 part magical-comedy entertainer and 1 part keynote speaker and you have a spokesperson and entertainer that not only drives traffic, but understands how to sell a message!

Jon began performing as a magician in grade school, but college had him focused on a sales and marketing career.  Performing part time as he pursued a business career, Jon’s last “real job” (as he calls it) was a Vice President of Sales across 52 offices in 5 states which had him around trade shows for 13 years. His decision to leave his sales career was easy as the requests for Jon to speak and entertain at other companies sales conventions became overwhelming.

In addition to a corporate infotainer, Jon is a highly sought keynote speaker for corporate and association events combining energy, entertainment and inspiration to bring the meeting attendees to life. He is the author of Boring Meetings Suck™; a book that promises to bring some levity and life back to your meetings as well the talent and author of the DVD Unlocking The Secrets; which teaches sleight-of-hand and ‘sleight-of-mouth’ to business and sales professionals.
Jon’s high energy, engaging personality, magical performing skills and business knowledge quickly catapulted him to new heights as he now speaks and performs around the globe for all types of organizations.  Some of Jon’s clients include: The Federal Reserve, IBM, Deloitte, JP Morgan Chase, Diebold, Nationwide, AOL, AFLAC, US Air National Guard, Cardinal Health, Wells Fargo, Discover, Victoria’s Secret, Honda, Accenture, Net Jets and many more.

Jon is sure to engage and capture the attendees as he weaves the magic and comedy throughout the message as well as throughout the audience.
Magician in tradeshow booth

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