Karen Beriss
Corporate-Fx Magician
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Are you looking to attract more crowds and informed leads to your exhibit? Then Karen Beriss is the magical solution. Her humor, creativity and amazing sleight-of-hand combined with an in-depth knowledge of sales make Karen a top-notch trade show performer.

Karen has been performing magic professionally since 1990. And, as one of only a handful of women magicians, Karen has helped to blaze a new "trade show magic" trail through her performances. Combining her skill, wit and a little bit of intrigue, she has entertained audiences around the world in both her native English language as well as in French! Her current and former clients include, GE Information Services, Bosch Telecom as well as Eicon Technology.
Recently Karen was featured on NPR’s Morning Edition, and her magic and message incorporation have captured the front page eye of the Wall Street Journal as well as the Washington Post.

Kris Klein, of Sony Corp., told Scripps-Howard News Service "Karen could bring the presentation to a level that people could understand even if you weren’t an engineer or a techno-geek. [She] is very professional, very fun, and that’s exactly what we wanted."
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