Ken Newman
Corporate-Fx Magician
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Ken Newman has been using his skills as a comedian, improviser, writer, character actor and magician to educate and entertain trade show audiences since 1985.   His ability to communicate his client’s message, attract huge crowds, and generate solid leads is what’s allowed him to log over 2 million frequent flier miles.

And it’s also kept his clients coming back year after year.

"...we wanted our booth to get a lot of attention.  We had NO idea what we were in for.  Our booth staff barely got a break.  We had huge traffic.  And we made some incredibly valuable contacts.  Ken will be doing all of our shows."     Edmund Optics:  Photonics West, Robots and Vision

“For nine years running, we've had standing room only at all of our presentations - and other vendors asking, Where did you get this guy??  He’s great.”  Foundry Networks: Interop, NxtComm, Supercomm, RSA, and others....
“We had never used live talent at one of our trade shows before.  Ken convinced us that with magic, we could easily double our sales leads.  He was wrong.  We increased them by a factor of FIVE.”  HCL Technology:   (12 shows in 2006)

“Ken has done all of our trade shows for the last four years.  We fully intend to keep him busy until he’s too old to remember what we do.”  VBrick Systems:  NAB, NECC, Infocomm, GV Expo, and others...
Tradeshow Magicial Entertainer

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