Scott Tokar
Corporate-Fx Founder, CEO
Poster, Scott Tokar Magician
Scott Tokar is unique among magicians, having focused solely on corporate entertainment (Infotainment) and visual communication, he is known today as a “specialist” in tradeshow magic and sales meeting motivation. Unlike his magical colleagues, Scott does not perform in night-clubs, at kids birthday parties, or picnics...

However, like many well known magicians, early career achievements have always been a part of Scott’s life pattern. At age 7, he was given a magic set as a present. While mastering cards, coins, and cups and balls, he developed an intense interest in the art of illusion, and began performing publicly.

As time passed, Scott could be found honing his skills at private parties and gatherings throughout the greater Los Angeles area. At the young age of 13, Scott placed his first ad in the Yellow Pages. At age 16, Scott became a member of The Magic Castle’s Junior Program for advanced and promising young magicians.

After four years of intense lectures and mentoring by some of the world’s finest magicians, Scott, at age 20, received the coveted Junior Achievement Award from the Castle’s Board of Directors. And, to this day, Scott is ranked as one of the youngest members ever to receive an award from The Magic Castle.

Over the years, Scott’s professional affiliations have grown to include membership in The Society of American Magicians (SAM), The International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.), The American Federation of Television and Radio Actors (AFTRA). As a member of London's prestigious Magic Circle, he has been honored with the highest degree in magic, "M.I.M.C. (Member of the Inner Magic Circle, with a Gold Star).
At the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention, Scott was invited to compete amongst fourteen other magicians from around the world. He was immediately recognized for his originality, technical expertise, and showmanship, and was granted the First Place Trophy for his Close-Up / Sleight of Hand Magic.

In 2011, at the 83rd I.B.M. International convention, Scott participated along side 20+ “Street Magic” performers in the Annual I.B.M. “Strolling Olympics”... And this time, by a popular vote by his peers, Scott was named as “Best Comedy Magician” of the competition!

In addition to his busy corporate and tradeshow performing schedule, Scott has devoted his special "magical" abilities to reducing children's anxiety during doctor's visits through the "Side-Fx" magic project. Today, Scott can be found performing and speaking at medical conferences and meetings around the globe under the direct sponsorship of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.
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Tradeshow Magician, Scott Tokar
    Scott Tokar, Tradeshow Magic for EMC
    360 Magic in VR, Scott Tokar Tradeshow Magician at World of Concrete.

Scott Tokar is a Multi-Award Winning Magician -

• 2011 "Best Comedy Magician" International Brotherhood of Magicians "Strolling Olympics" • 2011 "Order of Merlin" International Brotherhood of Magicians • The Magic Castle Award of Merit • International Brotherhood of Magicians "Wizard's Award" • Exhibitor Magazine "Best of Show" Exhibitor Show Fall • Special Events Magazine "Finalist" Best Event Entertainment Concept • Exhibitor Magazine "Best of Show" Exhibitor Show • International Brotherhood of Magicians First Place Trophy for Slight-of-Hand • The Magic Castle Jr. Achievement Award •

Member -

• The Magic Castle (The Academy of Magical Arts) • The Magic Circle, London M.I.M.C. (Member of the Inner Magic Circle with a Gold Star) • The Society of American Magicians (Life Member) • The International Brotherhood of Magicians (Order of Merlin) •

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