COVID-19 Safety Seminar

Interacting at at a LIVE event just became more difficult.

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has wreaked havoc with the entire meetings and conventions industry. The impacts and changes wrought by COVID-19 will be felt for many years - some changes may even be permanent. In many ways, we’ve been on pause But trade shows… meetings… and conventions will come back…in fact, they ARE back in a few markets with more and more coming back on line every week… but there’s a lot of apprehension… So the question is - How do we jump back in? What do we need to know? What does compliance look like? What will feel “safe enough” for people to even show up?

Every event professional, every venue management group, every exhibitor and everyone who attend these exhibits will be operating with new rules, new regulations and new interaction protocols… things like managing traffic density while maintaining social distancing, minimizing environmental exposure, the wearing of masks, interacting without a handshake, collecting a lead without exchanging physical media, and worrying about just HOW to conduct a face-to-face meeting mid/post COVID pandemic.
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Corporate-Fx founder and CEO, Scott Tokar has been working the problem, and has developed a series of training seminars designed to help you and your trade show team both understand the new regulations and protocols and reimagine what your event or your exhibit might look like in a mid/post COVID world. As a Certified COVID-19 Safety Officer, GBAC Trained Technician, former Emergency Medical Technician and host of the “Convention(al) Protocol” Podcast, Scott (who is known industry-wide as a DYNAMIC speaker and faculty member of the ExhibitorLive, CTSM conferences in Las Vegas), has seamlessly integrated his nationally acclaimed booth sales-staff training with critical safety training with local and national COVID safety recommendations to help you achieve maximum impact in live meetings, tradeshows and events.

For more information about LIVE and ZOOM seminars, please contact Corporate-Fx.
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