"Theater-Style" Tradeshow Magic

Maximum crowd draw, maximum exposure, and maximum impact on the trade show floor. Theater-Style presentations allow an exhibitor to educate a large number of prospects and quickly become "The Most Remembered Exhibit" at any show. By simply adding a raised platform or stage, along with adequate seating, your live magical presentation becomes more than a demonstration, it becomes a trade show event!

Trade Show Magic is a unique way to deliver a detailed sales message, and no other live presentation technique can compare.

Have you ever noticed that when people watch magic they always try to figure out, "How did he do that?" Trade show magic automatically puts a spectator’s mind into "thinking mode". During your presentation each prospect is awake, alert, and thinking. It’s at this precise moment that Corporate-Fx incorporates your sales message.
magic for Cisco at  trade show
    "Theater-Style" for Endicia in Chicago.
The message is added to the show when your target prospects are in a prime mental condition… They are THINKING! They simply can not forget your company name and story.

And, because trade show magic is fun, your clients will always remember your exhibit with a positive impression, and a smile on their face.

With each Theater-Style demonstration, Corporate-Fx gives you, the exhibitor, the opportunity to gather detailed lead cards. At the end of the presentation these cards are collected and a drawing is held for a prize. These cards typically have your prospect’s name, company, phone number, address, and several questions to help you "qualify" the potential of each prospect. A follow-up mailing from these cards adds further impact to your Theater-Style show, and ensures that your company will be remembered long after the trade show has ended.

By adding custom lighting, music, and a "Las Vegas" type illusion, your Theater-Style presentation looks BIG, it plays BIG, and gives your trade show booth a BIG company feel. Specially designed illusions, like sawing a woman in half, help reinforce the fact that your product is "half the cost of the competition’s", or "cuts the learning curve in half." While the magician’s assistant is floating in mid-air, it’s easy to draw your prospect’s attention to the fact that your company’s newest widget is the "lightest in the industry". These large scale illusions quickly become the talk of the floor, and soon everyone is stopping by your exhibit to see the next show…
Many times a trade show is a numbers game. The more people that hear about your product, and are educated on it’s features and benefits, the more leads you’ll gain from a show. The Corporate-Fx Theater-Style presentation is your magical secret for trade show success!

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