"Aisle-View" or "Theater-Style" Trade Show Magic?

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To progress from simply “attending” a show to producing “qualified leads”, an exhibit not only needs to attract attention, but it must also deliver a clear and concise “commercial” message about the company it represents.

The entire unified look of an exhibit, from the structure, to the graphics and even your live presentation needs to efficiently communicate a sales message. There is a need to deliver that message quickly in a clean, professional way that will be REMEMBERED once that prospect has gone down the aisle to the next booth (or, gone home to their office the following week)!

Question: When was the last time you discussed a company’s PowerPoint slide presentation after work, over cocktails?

Corporate-Fx has the unfair advantage of attraction and communication at a tradeshow. And it all has to do with the psychology of magic...
Magic is a mind-active form of communication. A magician’s audience is constantly thinking, “how did he do that”? Each and every viewer’s mind is awake, alert, active and thinking while watching an effect... And, it is at this precise mental moment that Corporate-Fx adds a commercial message to the live presentation! The viewer’s synapses are making fresh cerebral connections and actively storing new information, while the smile on the viewer’s face records a synchronistic positive impression of a company’s slogan, logo, and sales pitch!

Ask yourself: How in the world can a PowerPoint slide do THAT at a tradeshow?
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The Corporate-Fx Magical Aisle-View Presentation is the ideal way to add a live demonstration to any trade show exhibit, large or small. Whether your company has a 10‘x10’ in-line space, or a 50’x50’ island booth, an Aisle-View Presentation will easily add a custom scripted, "live" presence to your exhibit. The average required space for this style of live presentation is only 3’x3’ in your booth! And, because the live demonstration faces the busiest aisle of your space, the crowd draw potential is automatically maximized without adding additional, and costly, real-estate for chairs or bleachers.

As with all Corporate-Fx productions, your custom-scripting and messaging is always highlighted. And, it’s easy to add a magical promotional item or gift to allow for the collection of the names, phone numbers, and addresses of every one that stops by to see the show.
Adding a "Las Vegas" type illusion and music, the Magical Theater-Style presentation looks BIG, it plays BIG, and gives your trade show booth a BIG company feel. Specially designed illusions, like sawing a woman in half, help reinforce the fact that your product is "half the cost of the competition’s", or "cuts the learning curve in half." While the magician’s assistant is floating in mid-air, it’s easy to draw your prospect’s attention to the fact that your company’s newest widget is the "lightest in the industry". These large scale illusions quickly become the talk of the floor, and soon everyone is stopping by your exhibit to see the next show...

Many times a trade show is a numbers game. The more people that hear about your product, and are educated on it’s features and benefits, the more leads you’ll gain from a show. The Corporate- Fx Theater-Style presentation is your magical secret for trade show success!
At last... PhRMA & AdvaMed Compliance can be FUN!

Need a dynamic keynote speaker for your next medical meeting? Want to do something different at this year's convention? ...like nothing you’ve see before? Side-Fx is a fully customizable, fast paced, dynamic, educational and totally PhRMA & AdvaMed Compliant program presented by the authors of "Side-Fx", master magicians Scott Tokar and Harrison J. Carroll.

Your audience will be delighted as Scott and Harrison personally TEACH you how to do some of the top effects from their critically acclaimed magical textbook. Whether you need to fill a one hour time slot during lunch, a unique draw to a tradeshow exhibit, or you are looking for a CME accredited "in-service", Side-Fx will provide a live experience that medical professionals will never forget.

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