What is Tradeshow Magic? And, who is "Corporate-Fx"?
Trade shows are the perfect place for a company to reach a targeted segment of decision makers. No other form of direct marketing allows for the personal handshake and introduction to a new prospective client. But, in order to reach that elusive new customer, the exhibitor must stop the traffic passing by the booth, quickly explain the features and benefits of their product and qualify the lead for a sales call or follow-up.

With hundreds of exhibitors at a trade show, how is your company going to stand out from the competition? How are you going to reach the maximum number of prospects, educate them, and leave them with a lasting, positive impression?
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Corporate-Fx was developed to maximize your visibility. At age 18, Scott Tokar started his trade show magic career. His goal was to stop traffic, then explain the features and benefits of a company and its products by using magic as a live presentation technique.

Scott's trade show magic quickly became a popular and unique way for an exhibitor to become the most remembered company on the trade show floor. The response to Scott's informative entertainment (Infotainment) was phenomenal! As Scott's popularity in the corporate marketplace began to grow, his availability began to shrink. Scott found that even though he was a multi-award winning magician, he simply couldn't master the trick of being in two places at one time. Thus, in 1989-1991, Scott introduced a new group to the trade show world and he called it "Corporate-Fx". The word "Corporate" was chosen to reflect his client base and the word "effects" or "Fx" to represent the magical aspect of the business.

The exhibitor should acknowledge that not all performers are the same. The trade show environment is vastly different than that of a night club or cruise ship, and not all magicians understand that. To become a good trade show Infotainer one must be proficient in the art of sales, marketing and message incorporation. The performer must be clean-cut, maintain a good corporate image, AND most importantly be a master at their craft.
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Through Corporate-Fx, you, the exhibitor, can rely on the consistent high quality we demand from our carefully selected group of professional tradeshow magicians! The Corporate-FX Group is your single source for top quality trade show performers skilled in the art of stopping traffic in the aisles and incorporating your sales message into an entertaining and informative "live" demonstration. The Corporate-Fx staff of magicians, speakers and live product presenters are all clean-cut professionals, proficient in the art of trade show infotainment. Your message will be carefully woven into an entertaining script allowing you to maximize the visibility of your exhibit on the trade show floor. After all, how can you reach your prospective clients if they never stop at your booth?

What type of Tradeshow Magic is right for YOUR exhibit?

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