Making attendees "appear" in your exhibit is only the first trick a tradeshow magician can perform... The real magic is our ability to -
ATTRACT a record sized crowd to your booth.
COMMUNICATE your sales message so it is understood.
AMAZE your prospects so you will be remembered.
SUCCESS is measured in quality/quantifiable leads.
Corporate-Fx has become the industry leader in customized and scripted live magical presentations around the world! Chances are, if you have seen a professional magician at a trade-show, they are part of the Corporate-Fx team!


Doubling & tripling a quantifiable lead count simply sounds like an impossible boast... But it is true, and that is why we encourage our clients to testify about their success with Corporate-Fx in their own voice, on film.

These are real-world results, witnessed first hand, in recent tradeshows and conventions in the United States and around the world.

Our success stories explain why we have the industry record in repeat bookings...
Discover why tradeshow magic works equally as well in an in-line 10'x10' booth as it does in a 40'x40' island exhibit.

If you are looking for a larger seated presentation then "Theater-Style" with a Las Vegas type illusion is the perfect way to get your message across without subjecting your prospects to the "death by PowerPoint" seen in other exhibits.

However, if booth real-estate is a premium, "Aisle-View" tradeshow magic takes-up only 3'x3' of space, and it easily draws record sized crowds.

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